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This applies philosophically, ethically, physically, intellectually, and morally. What does this look like and is it expected? All progress must entail change and yet, our current changes seem more dramatic than in recent memory. Is there a connection between events and astrology? This may be one of the most puzzling questions that arises when we talk about the science and art of astrology. Is there a connection between the cosmos and events on earth? As a fractious election season encroaches on the United States, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with numerologist, Felicia Bender about the numbers for the fate of the country.

Numerology is the sibling of astrology and together the two modalities support each other with accuracy and data points that are remarkable and precise.

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The planet that symbolizes ambition, aggression, action, and anger has turned retrograde and is spinning backwards from our view on earth. This action is combined with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto retrograding as well. All of this backwards motion has a profound impact on all of our trajectories.


Are we stunted in our progress? The Akashic Records are a record of our historic journey that spans back through the previous lifetimes in which we existed. They are a vessel of knowledge that spans our past with an uncanny accuracy and may shed light into our current trials and tribulations. Have you been here before? Do things feel vaguely familiar? Why do people and events cycle through our lives? All of these questions and more come to light in a review of past life regression. The late Jeanne Avery recounts her experiences with clients during her sessions with them.

Shakespeare is known as the father of literature. There are few stories that are not in some way a derivation of the body of work that he wrote. He encompassed the entire human dilemma and incorporated all of the humanistic traits that we still carry today in his characters and plays. Have you ever had a near death experience? An NDE?

Have you ever wondered what happens at that moment? Where do we go?

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What is it like? Should we be afraid? Or is it a marvelous release from all that weighs us down? What does this technique indicate? Where have we come from? Where are we going? The future looks quite turbulent as the details emerge. Once considered the view of pre-new age theorists who postulated that you attract what you think. Is it realistic to think positively? We all know how beneficial meditation is to our physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. Yet, despite the multitude of positive results, few of us can muster the patience and tenacity to practice on a regular basis.

As we stare out across the current American political arena we can hardly believe what we are witnessing. Childish behavior, playground bullying, and vacuaous policies dominate the dialog as politicians strive to separate themselves from the political fold. Oppositions are an important component of astrology. It is no surprise that they are also vital aspects of the human condition. For every dark period in life, there arises a beacon of light elsewhere. This paradox is part of the human dilemma. Most of us are aware of this juxtaposition and we cope accordingly.

Many of us are curious as to our destined purpose on earth. Why are we here? What is our goal? Are we destined for a task? Our journey must begin with deep look inside ourselves to come to terms with our own inner voice, potential, and motive. We have all witnessed the huge swings of the stock market as of late. Are these dips and peaks a harbinger of what is to come? When do we buy?

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When do we sell? Is there a dark cloud looming on the financial horizon? Is China holding us at bay? Astrologer Grace K. Healing our inner wounds can be a staggering ordeal and one which requires great personal effort. Yet it is possible and quite useful for us to unlock our past discomforts and plunge into a new way of looking at life through a different set of lenses. World-renowned astrologer and philosopher, Geoffrey Cornelius discusses the power of astrology that is captured in a moment in time.

Rather than trying to predict long-term events, Cornelius contends that the only accurate astrology is that of the moment. Those of us who study astrology are firm in our understanding of the logic of this amazing divination tool. Yet, many of us remain skeptical and reserved about its natural order and logic. What do we do when we are alone? Does it feel natural? Do we need others and if so, how do we connect? As our lives take on a distinctly digital texture, we become isolated and removed from the vital connection that is inherent in our DNA.

Can we correct this? With its focus on time and cycles; both long and short, astrology provides an incredibly unique view of the world and evolution. Tracking the movement of the key outer planets allows us to view the progress of humanity through an unusual lens. This lens allows us to see trends, progress, and consider our collective direction…. Although Vedic astrology uses a different set of rules and vernacular, the results are the same. The character, attributes, assets and liabilities of the individual are clearly depicted in the chart.

In this segment, astrologer and host Chris Flisher speaks with world-renowned Vedic astrologer, Komilla Sutton on the philosophy and logic of this fascinating science…. We have a wide array of what that might look like from every culture and society on the planet. Wars, ethic cleansing, and horrors of unimaginable dimensions have occurred in the name of this being, and yet we are still uncertain.

Many of us grew up watching characters casting spells on innocent victims in cartoons or movies. We may have been fascinated by the power brought out by the ritual. Yet, maybe spells actually work? Have you ever wished for something only to have it come true? Did you cast a spell? Many of us are fascinated by the secret teachings of the esoteric mystics of the world. These mysterious people seem to dwell in the netherworld of magic, coincidence and spirituality, all in an effort to find the truth. The overwhelming rhetoric of our modern times can be deafening in its delivery.

Hatred, condemnation, distraction, and vital are all by-producst of such fractious times. Yet, we still run to our screens for comfort, entertainment, and solace. But what do they provide? How can we hear when we are bombarded by stimuli? Two giant slow moving planets are in a tense square and will be for some time to come. These two planets represent a dichotomy of drive and desire. Saturn wants to resolve and correct, while Neptune wants to obfuscate and distract.

How do we reconcile this disparity? Saturn has long been regarded by astrologers as the heavy. Often seen as the taskmaster, Saturn is the time keeper and the essence of responsibility, duty, and sobriety.

While this planet espouses all those characteristics, it is also there for us when we need to do the right thing. In short, it is how we exist and inter-relate with all that surrounds us. Do we engage and live in the now? Are we too pulled by distraction to understand the here and now? Following in the footsteps of her legendary father, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Deva Green has taken up the mantle of evolutionary astrology.

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Much has been written about the coming age of Aquarius. When we think of astrology, many of us defer to our Sun signs as the first point of discovery. And rightfully so. The Sun sign is the primary indicator of the individual. It stands as the marker of the personality, the attributes of distinction and the full embodiment of the character. The Nodes are important indicators in the individual astrology horoscope.

They signify the past and the future of an individual and carry great information regarding each personal journey. In this segment astrologer ad host, Chris Flisher speaks with evolutionary astrologer Mark Jones about the significance of these points in the study of astrology. How we connect and with whom can leave a major imprint on our hearts, our lives, our paths. Are the people we meet supposed to show up?

Do we have relationships to learn? Does our ideal match exist? Many of us watch the markets with a unnerving sense of concern. We have seen huge gains and just as large losses. They seem to happen with a definitive pattern, and yet, they also appear out of nowhere. What causes these swings? Is there a cyclical pattern to the trends of the financial markets? The occult practices have captured the imagination of countless people down through the ages.

Humankind has been fascinated with the supernatural since time began. Are we alone in this universe? Do external powers and creatures exist? Have we data to support the paranormal? Whay are we interested in this unknown realm? While the location of the planets by sign is not currently accurate in , the influence and effect of them should be readily apparent to all.

When we are reminded of a subject repeatedly, what does that indicate? Coincidences, random events and serendipity are all events that startle us into paying attention. What is the reason? Why are we reminded? Saturn has long been a strong indicator of the health of financial markets.

Any time this planet of responsibility comes into a tight angle with any other outer planet, the financial markets begin to tremble. Are we immersed in a far more intense time than our parents? Is time moving faster or have we simply turned up the volume? In this segment astrologer and host Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer Armand Diaz about this complex time and what it looks like and why.

Even though we may consult our astrology on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, many of us may not know when or why the forecast is so accurate. In this discussion astrologer and host, Chris Flisher discusses the roots or historical basis for astrology with astrologer, Chris Brennan. In this segment, host and astrologer, Chris Flisher speaks with spiritual advisor, Selina Maitreya on the use of astrology for spiritual growth. Do individual signs of the zodiac have certain health issues?

Does a Taurus have unique qualities over a Gemini? Do Aries concoct more cerebral injuries than say a Capricorn? These and many more questions will be discussed in this segment as host Chris Flisher interviews medical astrologer, Diane Cramer. The planet that brings us harmony and the essesnce of love and affection turns retrograde every 18 months and remains in that direction for approximately 40 days and 40 nights sound familiar. We are standing on the cusp of a major shift.

The shift is occuring on all levels; socially, politically, financially, environmentally, and spiritually. How do we mitigate this shift? What does it take for us to survive AND thrive through these enormous changes headed our way. In this archived podcast, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer and author, Joseph Crane about surviving Pluto. This coming week NASA will arrive within viewing distance of the illusive planet, Pluto for the first time in history. This is a momentous occasion and worthy of our collective attention.

What if we could see, in real time, the motion of the solar system? The movement of the planets? The rise and set of the Sun? Motivation is the key behind the planet Mars. Find Astrologers site is a large collection of resources - organizations, products and services, conferences, and astrologers listed by speciality, location as well as name. Evolutionary Astrologer Rose Marcus has created a beautiful site AstroLink with a forum for questions and comments.

Bill Herbst offers a newletter, many substantive archived articles and a Void-of-Course Moon calendar at his site. The Astrology-Astronomy Book has succinct definitions of terms from astrology, astronomy, mythology, the history of astrology and science. World-of-Wisdom is Adrian Ross Duncan's site with a terrific archive of articles and some funny animated stuff. Time Cycles Research has software for the Mac; innovative chart designs and a new astro-mapping component are especially noteworthy.

Meta Life Cycles has an intriguing graphic approach to rectification; many sample horoscopes are mapped in graphic format over decades of time.

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If you haven't been there yet, do not miss the superb collection of astrological information at AstroDataBank. Inspired by the late Lois Rodden, the work is now a WikiProject and is all free of charge. State of the art astrology software and some cool free downloads are available from Alphee and Carole Lavoie's site. Sandra-Leigh Serio has weekly and yearly forecasts at her site. AcuMind is a mix of Western and Chinese astrology with a great News section that is updated frequently. Astro Software offers a StarLite , a freeware program, and lots of quality astrology information along with Kepler Software.

Astrologer Celeste Teal has gathered an assortment of insightful short articles, including lunar forecasts, at Moon Valley Astrology.

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  • Night Light News is a cleanly designed site with extensive articles based on Alice Bailey's approach to esoteric astrology; also has current planets and a good health article for each sign. Patrice Guinard, PhD has assembled a collection of articles, including his thesis on astrology and works by Cornelius, Hand, Schmidt and Barbault. A dynamic site with great design and fine astrology can be found at StarIQ.

    Artcharts has a daily calendar as well as monthly forecasts. Astroinsights has void-of-course Moon tables for the month and a page for Quick Steps to Learning. Here's a well-known site called Zodiac Master with wonderful graphics and a very creative approach for all, from beginners to those in "the deep" with astrological studies. Starcats has lots of great articles and resources for astrologers; wonderful layout and humor throughout! Go here for excellent work on astrocartograpy maps from Robert Couteau.

    Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady offers her articles and information about her innovative JigSaw software for finding patterns in groups of people. Dirah Academy Internationa l is a great source for those interested in Vedic astrology — lots of links and info. Astrofaces is a fun research project with photographs of Sun, Moon and Rising sign combinations. Send yours in!

    Richard Nolle has lots of graphics, important planetary cycles, lots of celebrity birth data and charts. The Sabian Assembly was founded in by Marc Edmund Jones; this a big site which offers a chart giving a Sabian Symbol for each day of the year calculated for sunrise in Washington, D. Diana K. Rosenberg and Anne Wright each have superb sites packed with hard-to-find fixed star information. Excellent lessons on planets, houses, synastry, etc. PsyPlan software is free online and there are also personal horoscope planners for sale. Pat Collins Astrology: " Aligning heaven and earth, spirit and matter, to find what physicists call the 'path of least action', and what shamans call the 'path of the heart' " Kenneth Bowser's Western Sidereal Astrology is dedicated to this "pure unadulerated form of the art.

    Astrology for the 21st Century has lots of articles on UK and US current events, as well as business people in the news and videos on the planets Astrology Weekly is a large and varied site with a wonderful article on the astrologers who predicted