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The most obvious way has to do with material wealth. Until December 2 Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will move through your earned income sector.

This once-in years cycle will help you feel more confident in your talents and asserting your value. Your talents have a real opportunity to shine under this energy, while you can also receive financial compensation for sharing your gifts with the world.

Scorpio Career Horoscope

The money will absolutely roll in more than usual this year, but you do need to guard against any risky financial ventures. They will drain you if you're not careful -- especially near January 13, June 16, and September 21 when Jupiter squares nebulous Neptune.

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You'll be extremely optimistic about them, but don't be fooled -- it just isn't worth it! You're also going to find your voice again this year in a powerful way thanks to a series of eclipses across your communication axis. On January 5 you might begin to overcome this fear of speaking up for yourself and what you know is real.

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  • A Solar Eclipse on July 2 might prompt you to go back to school and take on a new course of study. Then, a Lunar Eclipse on July 16 will intensify the burning desire you have to speak your truth. You are keenly aware that knowledge is power, and you want everyone to see how powerful your mind truly is.

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    Scorpio Horoscope for September 12222

    Last but not least, all of this communications work you do in will create an extraordinary opportunity at the December 26 Solar Eclipse. Whatever you launch at this time allows you to convey the best of your thoughts and ideas to others. You will absolutely teach what you know in one way or another.

    It is your friends and family that need your time and attention today.

    They really need your help so even if you are feeling tired and not at all inclined to drop whatever you are doing and rush to their aid, do. You actually have enough time to take care of your own needs as well as help your loved ones.

    Scorpio Career Horoscope

    Your partner is going through a bit of a rough patch and they may well need your emotional and financial support. Do your best to understand their problems and to empathise without whining or arguing.


    If you are a single Scorpio, pretty much anything could happen today! Especially if you are open, eager and ready for a new romantic adventure….

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    You need to clear a few matters up at work today and clarify where you stand. This will allow you to eventually take the next step in your career. Your finances are going through a difficult period. If you act reasonably and manage your budget carefully, you will be able to stay ahead of any payments.


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