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No matter how much they achieve, they find it difficult to go against the odds. Sometimes, they think about themselves as underachievers. Secondly, they are self-centered and very moody. They are happy at one moment but get grumpy when provoked. This can make them behave in an irresponsible manner. Capricorns are also regarded as know-it-all which can hinder their productivity. These people have an incredible capacity to withstand different blows in life and can take many career paths. Needless to say, they have impeccable charm and an unrivaled work ethic.

Capricorns can be good accountants.

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This is because of the strong moral compass and attention to details. They can easily prepare financial statements without cutting corners.

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Other professions that can fit within this realm include a banker, treasurer, financial planner, and office manager. The role of a scientist fits the Capricorn zodiac sign. This is because of their methodical practices to achieve their goals. These people can also be great doctors, engineers, and electricians. Hard workers with a true cause know that success will come in the long-run.

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Work could be demanding before the holiday season, with long hours and short turnaround times. The tenth house is the zone of leadership and public image, and with Mars here, you can rise to major prominence. Take, for example, year-old Capricorn climate activist Greta Thunberg, the iconic teen who led of the Global Climate Strike that swept the planet last month.

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Or, in a quieter but no less potent form of activism, the L. This call to greatness gets amplified by transformational powerhouse Pluto, which wakes up from a five-month retrograde in YOUR sign on October 3.

Have you been considering a style revamp or a major life change? On October 7, the Libra Sun will lock into a heated square with rigid Saturn, which is also in Capricorn. You may butt up against a few restrictions in your quest, perhaps clashing with an authority figure or encountering bureaucratic slowdowns. These dueling desires for social acceptance and autonomy will repeat on October 27, when fiery Mars in Libra also squares off with Saturn in Capricorn.

This will be akin to having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. You could wind up in a major power struggle—perhaps one that could be avoided—if you insist on butting those Sea Goat horns against every brick wall you encounter. Is compromise possible without selling out on your ideals or settling for less than you deserve? Need to pause for a personal cause? Midmonth, take a time-out from your ambitions to touch down at home base or savor a little self-care. On October 13, the annual Aries full moon will beam into your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations.

For Caps of the parenting set, this maternal moon could bring pregnancy news or an opportunity to bond with your children. A powerful woman could figure prominently into events today or over the next two weeks.

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Watch for emotional intensity at this full moon because it will square off with Pluto in Capricorn, which can shorten your fuse and make you prone to knee-jerk reactions. A family member or close person might push your buttons and they always know exactly where those are , provoking an unexpectedly potent reaction. Knowing this ahead of time, you can plan to avoid provocative people and topics. Lightness arrives on October 23, when the Sun shifts gears into Scorpio and your eleventh house of groups, teamwork and technology. Step away from your desk and go mingle. But now you can mix it up a bit more!

You might be invited to join a professional association that forwards your goals.