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Leo Monthly Horoscope

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Natal Electional Horary. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sagittarius astrology. This astrology -related article is a stub. The ideal conditions to unwind the month and end it in osmosis with everyone! Single, you have, in December, the fires of Jupiter to finish captivating whoever you like. Immediately afterwards you make some decisions that could help you commit the 21st or turn a corner! If you do not lack any charm or desire to love and be loved, it is probably moderation that is lacking in December, when you will not necessarily be in control of your impulses!

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Expect then to experience some inconveniences in your love affairs around the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 25th, when you should better understand your intentions before speaking or acting. Otherwise, you will expose yourself to reactions from others who might be tempted to run away from your blurry statements and excessive desires.

Thus, if you wish to live intense emotions, in December, without the risk of sinking into worrying excess, take a close look at what is tempting you but also make sure to identify what your partner also expects from you! The best way to take off together without risk of slipping up! While you wait for better and especially the arrival of Jupiter on the 23rd in the area of your theme devoted to your loves!

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Leo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

In a Relationship, you could well cause a problem in your relationship if you do not succeed in channeling your desires so that they remain acceptable! To avoid getting caught in the wrath of your partner or worse disappointing them, do not impose anything and stay tuned! Around the 21st, Venus should whisper some good tips for improving your family life. Follow them! Single, you will not necessarily be very clear, in December, about your expectations in love and may be tempted to abuse your power of indisputable seduction to propose to your partner to follow you on grounds that are highly questionable!

Try, as far as possible in December, to calm the frenzy of a poorly controlled libido if you want to live stories that are not just scabrous!

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As a family, you will be better inspired and should be able, around the 21st, to contribute to the happiness of your loved ones! If your loved ones do not always understand your ideas and do not necessarily approve your aspirations and proposals at the beginning of the month the 1st , you can count on the Sun between the 12th and 21st to illuminate your loves that should lack shining around the 20th! At the very end of the month from the 28th , Venus will promote your family development and will give you, a priori, the means to move the lines so as to evolve your exchanges in the right direction!

In a Relationship you will have the opportunity, this month, to put a little a lot of rumba in the air and spice up your flirtations around the 20th, where it will be a good question to bring a bit of fantasy into the relationship! Nice moments of complicity to enjoy and a daily routine that takes on color?

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At the end of the month, it is with your family that you will take care to transform what needs to be so that the links that unite with yours evolve and meet your expectations! Single, bet on your outstanding magnetism and your libido in a trance between the 12th and 21st to hit the mark. An eclipse on Saturday manifests major changes for your career—be brave, willing to take risks, and work your tail off to make your dreams come true.

Closure is a gift you give to yourself, Taurus. You want to be new and better in , but you need to do your part to initiate closure if you want changes to unfold. Mars will help with this so you can enjoy fresh experiences, and the eclipse on Saturday gives you the confidence, security, and courage to make it happen. Friends are looking up to you, Gemini! Mars lights up your career sector, and your hustle will reward you with amazing results in the new year.

Ready for love? May make all your romantic dreams come true! Think big, queen!

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Expand your thinking through education or a visit to another country—Mars and the new year are offering wonderful opportunities to broaden your horizons. The eclipse on Saturday helps you commit to your health and wellness resolutions. Your follow-through is already legendary—make it happen, your majesty! Authenticity is your resolution, Virgo, and Mars is strengthening your practices both for honesty and for boundaries.

Rise above people-pleasing and perfection! An eclipse on Saturday gives you the confidence to make courage and creativity your bottom line.