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ADB was originally founded by famed astrologer Lois Rodden who created the Rodden Rating system to rate how reliable and accurate someone's birth data is. ADB's huge collection of birth data and biographical information is now maintained and available for free on their website.

If you wish to use the data from ADB for anything other than personal use, they request you check out their copyright conditions first. This is a very popular international astrology site that offers a broad variety of services. For example: free chart calculations and daily horoscopes.

You can order in-depth, personal astrological reports by stellar astrologers like Liz Greene, Robert Hand and others. There are also articles and information for all levels of astrological knowledge. British astrologer Paul Wade is the Astrology Wizard! His eclectic website offers horoscopes, general astrology info, various types of personal consultations including one that uses your chart for home decorating ideas! He also has an extensive links directory. This is the astrology website of Canadian astrologer, psychic, artist and webmaster, Brandi Jasmine. Check out Brandi's site for daily horoscopes, articles, astro-coaching and more!

Michael Star's huge website! Lots of info about signs, planets, relationship astrology, etc. A great place for people who want to learn or just find out what astrology says about you.

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Michael has a couple of my articles posted on the site, along with several articles and columns from a wide variety of astrologers. Astrologer Diana Garland's website offers an interesting mix of monthly video horoscopes, articles, an alternative news desk and an online planetary ephemeris. Rob Brezsny is an astrologer-poet-comedian-rebel-priest! I adore his Sun Sign column, Free Will Astrology, which appears in many hardcopy publications and you can have it emailed to you weekly. He is also an accomplished writer and musician.

The astrology website of British astrologer Jeff Prince offers monthly and weekly horoscopes, as well as articles about your Sun sign, Moon sign and Venus sign. There are other articles about a variety of astrological subjects, from Saturn to the history of astrology to the newly discovered planet, Sedna. A site worth checking out! If your life seems like "deja vu all over again," maybe it is! Richard Brown's specialty is his extensive work using astrology to understand your past lives. Also, one of the distinguishing features of his website is information about the newly discovered planetary bodies, Quaoar and Sedna, including mythology, ephemeris, meaning, discussion forums and astronomical data.

Toronto astrologer and lecturer, Michael Barwick, writes blog articles on all kinds of astrology topics. Check out his blog for some great insights about Uranus square Pluto, astrology's political patterns and thoughts on Mercury Retrograde. Michael also offers readings, specializing in how the Fixed Stars add extra energy to your chart.

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This astrological calendar website is extremely useful, with loads of information for anyone who wants to keep track of what the planets are up to. More than just Lunar phases and events, this website contains page upon page of handy information about retrograde cycles, planetary sign ingress, void of course times, ephemerides, , as well as "power days" for each zodiac sign. A great resource for anyone wanting to keep track of what's happening in the heavens! Most highly recommended!

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An excellent astrology magazine for serious and learning astrologers. Available by subscription in bookstores and newsstands, as well as online. Some articles and blogs also available for free on their website.


This growing website provides information about a number of related systems, including numerology, astrology, palmistry and handwriting analysis. Sponsored Links Tweets by horoscopejunkie. Sponsored Links AbsolutelyPsychic. Also daily horoscopes, daily spiritual message and free psychic readings nights and more. All advisors are trusted and tested. Answers to love, career, finance and more.

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Alex Brocklehurst - Your annual Horoscope by Alex. Ask Oracle Yearly horoscopes to guide you in fulfilling your dreams. Yearly Love Horoscopes - answers to all your love questions! Hazra is one of the best astrologer in Mumbai offering services such as numerology, horoscope, vastu, palmistry, etc. Astrology King - Your yearly horoscope from Astrology King comes with decans for a more personal touch. Your yearly forecasts run from birthday to birthday and are updated when the sun enters your sign. Astrology with Jacqueline Bigar - Your yearly forecast with nationally syndicated astrologer, Jacqueline Bigar. All you ever wanted to know about astrology-and more! Astromandir - Your yearly forecast. Astromitra - Indian astrology site offering horoscope readings for love, money, marriage, career, health etc. You will get highly accurate and authentic astrological predictions by the best astrologers in India. AstroReveal - Romantically speaking, what does hold for your Star Sign? Find out how the movements of the planets could influence your love life this year with karmic astrologer Pauline Stone. AstroSage - Horoscopes for all zodiac signs based on vedic astrology moon sign.

Astrostyle - Read a free excerpt from our Planetary Planner for every sign.

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Your Astro Page contains Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sun Signs, your unique daily personal horoscope, free astrology reports, free astrology software, special discount on all astrology products and much more Love, Lust, Loot, Luck and Lifestyle forecasts for all 12 zodiac signs. Cafe Astrology What do the stars have planned for you in ? Whether you want to know what's going to happen with your romance, your career or your life in general, check out your forecast for the year ahead.